These are the very best stickers on YouTube, just ask us?  Ok we admit, we may be a little bias but we really did put a lot of effort into making these stickers the best we could and we are very proud of them.  You see, we feel that these stickers and how they are presented with an instruction sheet and packaged in a natural materials envelope and represents us, our attention to the fine details in any and all the work we perform.  So what we are sharing is this, we put our absolute best foot forward to impress you so you can only imagine how good our machined products look, feel, work and are presented when they are completed and you are lucky enough to acquire one.

Purchasing an Active Atom Sticker Set provides these things:

  • Support for our YouTube Channel materials.
  • You are helping us build the hands on working museum started in 2017.
  • This purchase also allows us to buy the supplies to refurbish and rebuild the machinery, tools and the likes for our Watchmakers and Micro-Machining Museum 

Here is what the Active Atom Sticker Set provides to you:

  • You will receive what we believe is the nicest instruction and explanation sheet to accompany a sticker set.
  • You will receive 6 stickers in total 2 full sets one set for yourself and the other to share, maybe with a friend that shares your interest in watching these two guys on their journey to build a great product line and leave a museum for the future generations to come lay a hand on and learn from. 
  • All stickers are produced in the highest of quality, are in full color, and feature a die cut outline for one and a brushed metal surface for the other two. 

Each Sticker Order includes the following:

Each Sticker order contains 2 sets of stickers.  Each set includes the following:

  • The Active Atom precision machining metal brushed looking sticker that actually contains 2 stickers.  One Sticker is a mini one to represent micro-machining we do and the larger Sticker represents our standard machine shop sizes.

  • The custom die cut sticker represents our company alien mascots, Atom and his companion Active.  They are actually here in the high-desert of California with us and in fact, you can read about their story here.

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Active Atom Sticker Set

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