Active Atom Sticker Sets now available for Purchase

Since launching our YouTube channel and creating our Shop Adventure episodes, we have had many viewers ask us how they can support our channel but we never wanted to accept any money although we really appreciated the generous offers.  But now you can support us by by purchasing a Sticker Set which actually contains 2 Sticker sets per order. With this purchase, you are helping us continue our adventure of sharing our activities with you on YouTube and will also be sharing the creation of our first hand made product.

Thank you from Lance & Patrick

Each Sticker Set order includes the following:

  • Only $10 per order (includes any applicable taxes) and includes FREE shipping globally.
  • 2 Sets of Stickers (Total of 6 Stickers)
  • 1 Active Atom metal brushed looking sticker that actually contains 2 stickers.  1 large sticker and to the right of it, a mini sized sticker.
  • 1 custom die cut sticker that represents our company alien mascots.
  • Stickers are shipped in a thick stock envelope to ensure that your stickers do not get damaged during shipment.


Active Atom Sticker Set

Active Atom Sticker Set

These are the very best stickers on YouTube, just ask us?  Ok we admit, we may be a little bias..